doughnut or donut

Some words in English are spelled in more than one way. We mean here, of course, only dictionary-approved variants in spelling. Here’s a sample: gray / grey, monologue / monolog, Internet / internet, leaped / leapt, judgment / judgement, tormentor / tormenter.
  For a document to maintain a professional polish, one and only one spelling of any given word should appear in a manuscript. A spell checker won’t help you police the use of spelling variants, but there is a good way to go about it. As you proofread a manuscript, jot down the first occurrence of every word that has an alternative spelling. Whenever this word (or its variant) shows in the manuscript, simply enforce one of the spellings. Always double-check your manual effort with your word processor’s search and replace function. That is to say, for each word on the “first occurrence” list, search the manuscript for the variant spelling that you don’t want to see and replace it with the desired spelling.
  How does one choose the so-called desired spelling? Well, that’s a question only the author of the manuscript can answer.
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